Cashmere Shawls


M/S CARESS CAMLET PVT LTD is a manufacturing company of 100% handloom cashmere shawls. It is situated at C-234 SEC-63 NOIDA,U.P.-201301. Basically, it’s a designing studio governed by experienced textile designers.


Our product is 100% handloom cashmere shawls. Basically, it is known as “PASHMINA” which is made from the finest cashmere wool in the world. It is made from very delicate fiber. It is combed from the underside of the Himalayan mountain goat- Capra Hircus.   To complete our final product we are having different stages. First step is weaving which is weaved on “Khaddi “ (handlooms). Hand painting is 2nd step . Hand paintings are very critical work which is implemented by our trained designers only on our created designs. Final step is hand embroidery. For this trained “KARIGARS” (workers) are deputed & their training is also given by us only. Hand embroidery on this delicate fabric is very difficult. On an average 2 months time is required for completing a cashmere shawl. Used Embroidery thread is pure fine silk.  Usually it is recommended for dry clean only . In case of washing at Home liquid soap or shampoo can be used as a detergent.