Silk Scarves

Priyanka Gaitonde is a young Indian designer, currently pursuing her master's degree in England.  Her undergrad work was in textiles, though most of her learning, happened in the field.  Priyanka found herself literally packing a bag and traveling to rural villages, living with crafts people.  It was this way that her education of India's rich textile traditions took place.  On her travels, Priyanka began seeing a pattern of looms left empty, abandoned by artisans who lamented that their craft, mushru silk weaving, was not selling.  Traditional buyers were instead purchasing synthetic cheaper fabrics instead.  This is when Priyanka started investigating.  Mashru translates into "mixed" and is a double  sided, or mixed Indian silk fabric.  Traditionally it has been worn by royalty around India and by the pastoral Rabari community of Kutch.  The craft has come into decline due to socio-economic changes and loss of patronage.  Prianka works with Mashru craftsmen, reintroducing high quality materials like silk and improving the craftsmanship while creating unique designs for a contemporary market.